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Easy Paper Crafts - fun, simple and unique paper craft projects

Paper crafts use inexpensive paper for fun and whimsy

Our easy paper crafts use a variety of inexpensive papers. Some use simple computer printer paper. Some use those leftover bits of gift wrap paper or tissue paper from packages.

Our faux stained glass uses tracing paper but can also use waxed or parchment paper.

These easy paper crafts provide fun for children especially when they can use their coloring skills as well.  

  • Paper Strips Flower
    Some paper strips, some punched holes and a length of yarn become this pretty paper strips flower - just fun and easy.
  • Paper and Straws Flowers
    These pretty paper and straws flowers use simple materials and tools and become an interesting decoration for any time of the year.
  • Construction Paper Fish
    This fun and easy construction paper fish project can make several different fishes with minor changes in the measurements.
  • Easy Paper Crafts: Bookmarks
    Are you an avid reader or do you know someone who is? Here's a simple and chic easy paper crafts project for making bookmarks using a variety of readily available materials and tools.
  • Easy Paper Crafts - Celtic Design 12 Circles
    Celtic design become beautiful and easy paper crafts with a little time and patience. Take a look at how to make this pretty design out of bright paper.
  • Easy Paper Crafts - Celtic Designs Celtic Heart Knot
    This easy paper crafts project provides a different version of the celtic heart knot of celtic designs. Take a look at how to make this celtic heart knot out of bright paper.
  • Easy Paper Crafts - Irish Shamrock
    This easy paper crafts project uses one simple shape to make a simple and interesting Irish Shamrock. It's a fun and easy project that uses inexpensive tools and materials.
  • Five Point Celtic Star
    Make a fun and easy five point Celtic star using five paper copies of one simple shape and the over and under elements of the Celtic design process.
  • Easy Paper Crafts - Farm Puzzle
    This easy paper crafts farm puzzle can be a fun coloring project for children that can be fun again and again as a puzzle.
  • Easy Paper Crafts: Faux Stained Glass
    Tired of messy faux stained glass projects? Here's a fun and inexpensive no-mess faux stained glass easy paper crafts project.
  • Easy Paper Crafts Ombre Squares Heart
    This ombre squares heart uses squares of paper in eight graduated colors from dark red to pale pink. Add a 12x12 contrasting background to display the simple decoration.
  • Easy Paper Crafts - Valentine Heart Pocket
    This easy paper crafts shows how to make a Valentine heart pocket for Valentine's Day or for a small gift any time of the year. It's fun and easy using simple materials and tools.
  • Easy Paper Crafts - Valentine Advent Calendar
    The fun and easy Valentine Advent Calendar uses pink hearts with a number on one side and a Valentine message on the other. Turn one over each day to make all visible on February 14.
  • Folded Heart Ornament
    This easy paper craft project shows how to make a folded heart ornament that can be used as a fun decoration at Christmas, Valentine's Day, a Baby or Wedding shower or other celebration.
  • Folded Paper Doily Ornament
    The folded paper doily ornament just needs four doilies, a short piece or ribbon or yarn and some glue to become a fun decoration for parties and celebrations around the year.
  • Easy Paper Crafts: Five Point Star
    Have you ever wondered how to make a perfect five point star? Here's an easy paper crafts project showing how to make any size five point star.
  • Easy Paper Crafts - How to Fold a Six Point Star from a Hexagon
    This easy paper crafts shows how to fold a six point star from a hexagon. The six-point paper star adds a pretty decoration wherever it goes.
  • Easy Paper Crafts: Seven Point Star
    Do you like unique decorations for gifts? Here's a pretty yet easy paper crafts project for making a seven point star.
  • Easy Paper Crafts: 8 Point Star
    Make this fun and easy 8 point star to place under candles, use as coasters or simply hang as decorations.
  • Easy Paper Crafts: Gingerbread Man and Gingerbread Woman
    Use construction paper or craft paper to make the easy paper crafts gingerbread man and gingerbread woman. Add different decorations to make them unique.
  • Easy Paper Crafts - Folded Box Ornament
    It's not origami, but here's an easy paper crafts project to make a folded box ornament. Children or adults can make these as a hanging ornament, a potpourri box or a gift box.
  • Easy Paper Crafts - Gift Box Gift Tag
    Looking for an inexpensive but interesting gift tag? This Easy Paper Crafts Gift Box Gift Tag is fun, easy and inexpensive to make using paper, string, glue and curling ribbon.
  • Easy Paper Crafts: Pin Hole Pictures
    Are you artistically challenged? Here's a simple yet elegant easy paper crafts project for making pin hole pictures. No drawing talent needed!
  • Easy Paper Crafts - Pocket Calendar
    This easy paper crafts shows how to make a pocket calendar for hanging on your refrigerator, near your desk or where you need a pocket calendar. It's an inexpensive easy paper crafts project.
  • Easy Paper Crafts: Sailboat
    Here's an easy paper crafts project to make a sailboat. The sailboat can be a kid's birthday party project, or it can hold place setting names for a sailing theme adult party.
  • Vellum Ornament
    Each of the four different patterns uses one piece of vellum paper and a short piece of yarn to become a simple and pretty three-dimensional vellum ornament.

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