Easy Felt Crafts - fun and useful craft felt projects

Our easy felt crafts depend on craft felt which can be found in small pieces, generally 9 in x 12 in, or can be purchased in yards from fabric bolts.

You can find the small craft felt pieces in your discount stores, hobby stores or cloth shops.

Inexpensive felt makes these Easy Felt Crafts projects economic in addition to fun.

Click on an image below to view the detailed instructions and images of the fun and easy craft felt projects.

funEZ Bazaar
Come on in and stay awhile...
Come on in and stay awhile...
Doily Sachet
Fringed Felt Heart
Handkerchief Valet
Felt Circles Snowman
Tooth Pillow
Business Card Holder
Notepad Cover #1
Pen Pencil Holder
Cupcake Paperweight
Cosmetic Pouch
Farm Puzzle
Small Items Pocket
Keepsake Gift Bag
Wine Gift Bag
Jewelry Roll
Index Cards Envelope
Cocktail Napkin Holder
Notepad Cover #2
Coupon Organizer
Napkin Rings
Craft felt offers inexpensive fun alternatives for Easy Felt Crafts projects.