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Easy Felt Crafts: Pen Pencil Holder

Do you have difficulty finding your pen or pencil in your purse or briefcase? Or, do you need a private pouch to hold your tampons? Here's an easy felt crafts project with how-to make instructions for a pen pencil holder that can also hold other things. 

Easy felt crafts pen pencil holder with pen and pencil

You can also add a laundry pen to the holder:

Easy felt crafts pen pencil holder with laundry pen

Maybe you need to carry tampons:

Easy felt crafts pen pencil holder with tampons

With your objects inside, the flap folds over and holds them securely inside.

Easy felt crafts pen pencil holder closed

The finished size shown here is 2 in x 6.5 in, but a larger pattern is also included in case you need to fit more inside your pen pencil holder. 

Easy Felt Crafts: Pen Pencil Holder Materials and Tools:

  • Craft felt (your favorite color) 9 in x 12 in
  • Yarn (size 3 or size 10 crochet yarn both work great)
  • Yarn darner needle (a pack of size 14 to 18 gives you alternatives)
  • Scissors
  • Pattern (see below for downloadable pattern)

The Steps for How to Make the Easy Felt Crafts: Pen Pencil Holder:

Print the pattern. Decide if you want the large or small pen pencil holder and cut one each of the front and the back from the craft felt.

For the large holder, cut following the outer lines. For the small holder, use the inner lines on the pattern.

Thread your needle with your yarn of choice.

Easy felt crafts pen pencil holder step 1

Next, sew a blanket stitch across one end of the front panel. (Our Fun Easy Christmas Ornaments 2008 e-book contains detailed pictures and how to steps for sewing the blanket stitch.)

Easy felt crafts pen pencil holder step 2

To make the pocket, fit the front over the back matching the straight edges. Make sure any knots and hidden thread ends from your blanket stitching the top edge are on the inside.

If desired, you can use pins to help hold the edges together.

Starting at one of the bottom corners, sew a blanket stitch all the way around until you return to the starting point. Make sure you hide any knots or end threads inside your stitching.

Easy felt crafts pen pencil holder step 3

When you arrive at the blanket stitches at the top of the front panel, place two stitches, one over the other, to provide extra strength to the opening.

After stitching around the curve of the top and down to the top of the front panel, place another two stitches at the top edge of the front panel.

Easy felt crafts pen pencil holder step 4

Continue stitching until you return to your starting point.

Easy felt crafts pen pencil holder step 5

Now, fold the flap 1/2 inch above the straight edge and sew with a blanket stitch across the top.

Easy felt crafts pen pencil holder step 6

The pen pencil holder is simple and fast to make.

The two versions shown here use the small pattern. Notice that the red yarn on the blue pen pencil holder is a size 10 which is much smaller than the black size 3 yarn on the yellow holder.

Generally, larger yarn produces larger stitches. The yellow pen pencil holder would not hold more than two items.

Therefore, if you are using larger yarn for your stitches, you may want to use the larger pattern.

Easy felt crafts pen pencil holder step 7

The pen pencil holder keeps your pen, pencil, laundry pen or tampons organized and easily accessible. The holder also prevents stabbing yourself with either your pen or pencil while rummaging to find things in your purse.

You may want to do several in different colors for your purse, for your briefcase or for friends and relatives. You could also do them in school colors for the students in your family.

But, this holder can also help you organize your crochet hooks, and by making it longer, your knitting needles.

You can find your downloadable pattern here:

Easy Felt Crafts - Pen Pencil Holder - Pattern 


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