Easy Paper Crafts: Irish Shamrock

Make this fun and easy Irish Shamrock for St. Patrick's Day or to celebrate your love of the Irish any time of the year.

The easy paper crafts project uses brightly colored green papers to form the simple and beautiful finished Irish Shamrock design. 

With just a few materials and tools, we show you how to make this beautiful project in the pictures below.
Easy Irish Shamrock hanging on display

Easy Paper Crafts: Irish Shamrock Materials and Tools:

Paper - two colors (12 x 12 decorative paper or 9 x 12 construction paper. The background paper must be at least 9 x 9 to hold the design.) 
Frame (optional)  
Pattern (Click here for the Easy Irish Shamrock pattern.)
Easy Irish Shamrock materials and tools

The Steps for How to Make the Easy Paper Crafts: Irish Shamrock:

Print the pattern.

Trim around the outer and inner lines of the shape.

Trace around the pattern to make four of the shapes. (Tip: place the edge of the pattern on the edge of the paper to minimize the amount of cutting.)

Cut out the four shapes.

For a consistent cut edge, hold the scissors steady in one hand and feed the paper into the scissors with the opposite hand.
Easy Irish Shamrock step 1 cut shapes
Overlap the ends of two of the shapes to form the first heart shaped leaf of the Irish Shamrock.

As you overlap the designs, make sure any pencil marks are on the back side.

Glue the overlapped ends together.
Easy Irish Shamrock step 2 form first leaf
Form the second heart-shaped leaf by overlapping another of the shapes across the opposite end of one of the first shapes.

Glue the overlapped ends together.
Easy Irish Shamrock step 3 form second leaf
Form the third heart-shaped leaf by adding the fourth shape.

Glue only one of the overlapped ends together.
Easy Irish Shamrock step 4 form third leaf
Cut off the excess of the fourth shape after it crosses the intersection. 

Glue the cut end to the shape it intersects (where the scissors point).
Easy Irish Shamrock step 5 cut off extra
Center the design on the background paper.

This background is a 12x12-inch decorative paper.

I wanted my Irish Shamrock to be on a field of flowers.
Easy Irish Shamrock step 6 center on background
Glue the Irish Shamrock to the background paper.
Easy Irish Shamrock step 7 glue to background
Add a frame around the Irish Shamrock.

This frame is a black 12x12-inch frame sized for scrapbook pages.
Easy Irish Shamrock step 8 add frame
Hang the colorful Irish Shamrock to display some fun.
Easy Irish Shamrock hang to display
Made simply, the Irish Shamrock design provides interest and adds a conversation piece to your decor.

Plus, the inexpensive frame makes it easy to change to another fun design whenever you want a different piece of art.

Of course, this design can easily be a fun and easy children's project with construction paper and a little adult assistance with the cutting.

Enjoy making this fun and easy paper crafts Irish Shamrock in celebration of St. Patrick's Day or all things Irish.
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