Easy Paper Crafts: Folded Heart Ornament

This fun and easy folded heart ornament can be an interesting decoration at Christmas, for Valentine's Day, at a baby or wedding shower or for an anniversary party.

Just a few simple tools and materials are all that are necessary to make one, a few or many of the folded heart ornaments.

I used blue, orange, green and yellow paper for this one to show how the ornament goes together.

It would be pretty as one color or two colors as well.
Folded Heart Ornament finished and hanging on display

Easy Paper Crafts: Folded Heart Ornament Materials and Tools:

Paper - one, two or four different colors (I used 20 pound and 24 pound papers, cardstock would work if not thick but tissue paper might be too thin.) 
Ribbon - 8 to 10 inches of 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch wide 
Pencil (optional to trace around pattern) 
Folded Heart Ornament Pattern (click to open PDF for printing)
Folded Heart Ornament materials and tools

The Steps for How to Make the Easy Paper Crafts: Folded Heart Ornament:

Print the Folded Heart Ornament pattern.

You can print the pattern on the paper you intend to use.

Or, print the pattern, cut around a shape to trace on decorative paper such as gift wrap paper.

Cut around four of the shapes.

This example uses yellow, green, orange and blue 24 pound paper.

With four designs printed on each page, four sheets of paper equals four different ornaments.
Folded Heart Ornament step 1 cut shapes
Fold one of the shapes in half where four scallops match the opposite four scallops.
Folded Heart Ornament step 2 fold shape in half
Open the shape and fold in half again with the second fold perpendicular to the first.
Folded Heart Ornament step 3 fold shape in half again
Next, open and turn the shape over.

Fold in half again halfway between the first two folds.
Folded Heart Ornament step fold shape in half for third time
This diagram shows how the folds should be made.

Fold the shape forwards on the dotted lines and backwards on the solid line.
Folded Heart Ornament fold on dotted and solid lines
Using the folds, form the shape into a folded heart.
Folded Heart Ornament step 5 fold to form heart
Perform the same folding process for the other three shapes.
Folded Heart Ornament step 6 form other 3 shapes
Measure and cut the ribbon. I used 8 inches.

Use 10 inches if you prefer a larger hanging loop.
Folded Heart Ornament step 7 measure and cut ribbon
Apply glue to one side of the heart shape.
Folded Heart Ornament step 8 apply glue to first shape
Glue the second shape to the first.
Folded Heart Ornament step 9 glue second shape to first
Glue the third shape to the second and the fourth shape to the third.
Folded Heart Ornament step 10 glue third and fourth shapes
Form the hanging loop by tying a knot in the ribbon ends.
Folded Heart Ornament step 11 form ribbon loop
Place the ribbon at the points of the heart shape with the loop at the top and the knot below.
Folded Heart Ornament step 12 position loop at points
Glue the fourth shape to the first shape around the ribbon loop in the middle.

I did not add any glue to the ribbon loop - just depended on the knot to hold the ornament.

You may want to add some glue to the knot underneath to insure it stays in place - especially if you plan to transport the ornaments.
Folded Heart Ornament step 13 glue fourth shape to first
Hang the easy folded heart ornament to display its fun shape.
Folded Heart Ornament step 14 hang to display
This version uses baby pink and baby blue paper for a two-color example.

These colors would be fun for a baby shower.
Folded Heart Ornament pretty pink and blue example
How about a blue and silver elegant version for an anniversary?

Or, a red and white version for Valentine's day?

Or, perhaps a gold and white version for a 50th wedding anniversary?

An all-white version would be fun for a wedding shower.

It's fun and easy and the options are endless.

Have fun making your own!

The easy paper crafts Folded Heart Ornament uses only a few simple and inexpensive materials along with a few simple tools to quickly become one, a few, several or many fun little decorations.
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