Easy Angel Crafts - easy paper angels

These easy paper angels require only inexpensive materials along with simple tools to become a variety of different angels.

Each easy paper angel project includes detailed instructions, pictures and a free pattern (if necessary) for you to make each angel.

All of the projects are fun and easy to do.

Click on the angel pictures below to view the detailed instructions and step-by-step images showing how to make the projects.
funEZ Bazaar
Accordian Folded Paper Angel Ornament
Winged Cardstock Angel
Doily Paper Angel
Paper Strips Angel
Paper Cone Angel
Folded Paper Angel
Paper Cone Angel with Wings
Paper Star Angel Ornament
Curled Paper Angel
Folded Square Paper Angel
Paper Shapes Angel
Singing Angel
Card Stock and Doily Angel
Curved Paper Angel
Christmas Angel Ornament
Pinpoint Paper Angel
Paper Angel
Heart Angel Ornament
Pen Pencil Cross Stitch Angel
Woven Paper Angel
Geometric Paper Angel
Paper Patchwork Angel
Come on in and stay awhile...
Come on in and stay awhile...
Angel Project Image Menus:
Angel Project Image Menus: