Easy Angel Crafts: Heart Angel Ornament

This cute little easy angel crafts heart angel ornament is fun, easy and inexpensive to make using simple paper, yarn and glue. This is a great project for kids, adults or both having fun together.  

Take a look at this little heart angel ornament hanging against a red background.
Heart Angel Ornament finished and hanging against a red background
This little angel can decorate a tree, hang in an office or kitchen or where a little angel can add a smile to someone's face.

Easy Angel Crafts: Heart Angel Ornament Materials and Tools:

Heart Angel Ornament pattern (click to open PDF file)
Three colors of paper - construction paper or card stock  
Yarn for hair (12 inches cut into 1 1/2-inch lengths) 
Yarn for loop (8 inches) 
Red and blue pens or pencils for drawing face 
Take a look at the simple materials and tools shown here.  
Heart Angel Ornament materials and tools

The Steps for How to Make the Easy Angel Crafts: Heart Angel Ornament:

Print the Heart Angel Ornament pattern.

Cut out each of the pattern pieces.

Cut the shapes from the three colors of paper.

I used scraps of card stock for this heart angel ornament.

Construction paper would be a good option as well.

For thinner paper, such as gift wrap, use an inexpensive poster board glued to the back to provide stiffness for the shapes.
Heart Angel Ornament step 1 cut shapes
Use the pattern to identify the overlap of the two hearts.

Glue the overlapped areas together.
Heart Angel Ornament step 2 glue hearts together
Glue the heart shapes over the wings using the pattern as a guide.
Heart Angel Ornament step 3 glue hearts to wings
Cut the yarn into 1 1/2-inch strips for the hair.
Heart Angel Ornament step 4 cut yarn for hair
Separate the yarn into strands.
Heart Angel Ornament step 5 separate yarn into strands
Position and glue the yarn strands to the top of the small heart for the angel's hair.
Heart Angel Ornament step 6 glue yarn to top of small heart
Add facial features with red and blue pens or pencils.
Heart Angel Ornament step 7 add face
Glue 8-inch length of yarn to the back of the angel's wings to form the hanging loop. Position one end of the yarn on each side of the small heart.
Heart Angel Ornament step 8 glue yarn loop
Hang the pretty little heart angel ornament where she can add smiles to people's faces.
Heart Angel Ornament step 9 hang finished angel to display
The Easy Angel Crafts Heart Angel Ornament can be made quickly and inexpensively with just a few inexpensive materials, basic tools and simple steps.

Mix and match different colors and textures of paper with different colors of yarn to make many different angels.

Have fun making one or many!

The inexpensive and Easy Angel Crafts Heart Angel Ornament is a great group project, too, for a family, a church craft party, a community center or a school art class.

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