Easy Angel Crafts: Paper Patchwork Angel

Scrap pieces of colorful paper, a paper doily and some yarn quickly become a pretty paper patchwork angel.

The little angel is fast, fun and easy to make.

It would also be a fun little coaster with the addition of some clear sealer or  sandwiched between some clear sticky back plastic.
Paper Patchwork Angel hanging on display
Let's look at the materials and the steps for how to make the pretty little  angel:

Easy Angel Crafts: Paper Patchwork Angel Materials and Tools:

Scraps of four different colorful papers - one color for the body, one for the wings, one for the halo and one for the face 
Paper doily - six inches in diameter 
Yarn or narrow ribbon 
Paper Patchwork Angel pattern
Paper Patchwork Angel materials and tools

The Steps for How to Make the Easy Angel Crafts: Paper Patchwork Angel:

Print the Paper Patchwork Angel pattern.

Cut around each of the pattern pieces.
Paper Patchwork Angel step 1 cut around pattern
Use the square, triangle and circle pattern pieces to cut out the colorful paper shapes.

Cut one of the large square for the body.

Cut two of the small square and two of the triangle out of a contrasting color.

Cut one small square for the angel's halo.

Cut the small circle out of paper for the angel's face.
Paper Patchwork Angel step 2 cut out shapes
Glue the large square to the angel shaped pattern.
Paper Patchwork Angel step 3 glue large square
Next glue the two squares for the base of the wings to the angel pattern.
Paper Patchwork Angel step 4 glue two small squares
Glue the third small square for the angel's halo.
Paper Patchwork Angel step 5 glue third small square
Glue the two triangles to form the top of the angel's wings.
Paper Patchwork Angel step 6 glue two triangles
Add a small amount of glue to the back of the small circle.

Position the small circle over the top halo square with the edge of the circle almost touching the other two small wing squares on either side.
Paper Patchwork Angel step 7 glue small circle
Apply glue to the back of the angel pattern and position the shape on the doily.
Paper Patchwork Angel step 8 glue angel to doily
Cut a piece of yarn or narrow ribbon eight to ten inches long.
Paper Patchwork Angel step 9 cut yarn
Thread the two ends of the yarn through two parallel holes in the doily just above the point of the halo square.
Paper Patchwork Angel step 10 thread yarn through doily
Tie a knot in the ends of the yarn to make a hanging loop.

Trim the ends of the yarn if necessary. (I cut the yarn much longer than 8-10 inches and had a lot to trim.)
Paper Patchwork Angel step 11 tie knot and trim ends
Simple, pretty and colorful, the paper patchwork angel is fun and easy to make.

The little angel will be pretty hanging on Christmas tree, decorating a window, adding color to a bulletin board or anywhere an angel can add a smile.
Paper Patchwork Angel step 12 hang to display
Use different colors of paper to make many colorful angels. Or, make several of the same colors.

Several of these strung together on a ribbon would make a pretty garland for a mantel.

Have fun!

Inexpensive, easy and fun, the Paper Patchwork Angel can be an enjoyable group project for a family, a church, an office or a senior center for making a lot of decorations.
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