Easy Angel Crafts: Paper Shapes Angel

Three different colors of paper along with some glue turn into this simple and fun little Paper Shapes Angel. She can be an ornament on a tree, a fun addition to a gift or other decoration.

This version is blue and silver.
Paper Shapes Angel blue and silver on display
Let's look at the materials and the steps for how to make this simple and pretty angel:

Easy Angel Crafts: Paper Shapes Angel Materials and Tools:

Paper - three colors. I used scraps of light weight 12x12 cardstock for the angel's robe, construction paper for the face and medium weight cardstock for the wings.    
Paper Shapes Angel pattern 
Paper Shapes Angel materials and tools

The Steps for How to Make the Easy Angel Crafts: Paper Shapes Angel:

Print the Paper Shapes Angel pattern.

Cut around the printed pattern shapes.

Trace and cut the pattern shapes from the three papers.

If your paper is single-sided, make sure that the wing shapes are mirror opposites and that you don't have either two rights or two lefts.

Paper Shapes Angel step 1 cut shapes
On the back side of one of the torso squares, center and glue the first robe strip of paper.
Paper Shapes Angel step 2 glue first robe strip
Position and glue the next two robe strips at an angle and overlapping the first strip.
Paper Shapes Angel step 3 glue next robe strips
Continue adding the robe strips, gluing them over the previous strips.
Paper Shapes Angel step 4 finish robe strips
Apply glue to the "shoulder" end of the arm strips.

Glue the front and back of the each arm together with wrong sides together.

The "hand" end of the arm strips will be glued with the hand shape later.
Paper Shapes Angel step 5 glue arm shapes together
Position and glue the "shoulder" end of the arms over the torso and ends of the robe strips.
Paper Shapes Angel step 6 glue arms to torso
Bend the arm shapes and form a soft crease at the "elbows."
Paper Shapes Angel step 7 bend arms at elbows
Insert the hand shape inside each arm and glue.
Paper Shapes Angel step 8 glue hands inside arms
Position and glue the face to the top of the torso.
Paper Shapes Angel step 9 glue face
Add glue to the back side of the second torso square.

Position the second torso square over the bottom of the face, the shoulders and the top of the robe strips matching its edges with the back torso square.

Paper Shapes Angel step 10 glue front of torso
Turn the Paper Shapes Angel over.

Apply glue to the upper portion of the head shape.

Position the front of the halo over the glue.
Paper Shapes Angel step 11 glue halo
Apply glue to the front edge of the wing shapes.

Position the wings over the back torso with the upper part of the wings framing the face and the tips of the wings at an angle away from the bottom of the robe strips.

Paper Shapes Angel step 12 glue wings
Cut a 12-inch length of yarn.
Paper Shapes Angel step 13 cut yarn
Fold the yarn in half and glue the ends to the middle of the back torso.
Paper Shapes Angel step 14 glue yarn loop
Add tape over the wings and ends of the yarn for additional stability.
Paper Shapes Angel step 15 add tape
The Paper Shapes Angel is finished and ready to display.
Paper Shapes Angel step 16 finished on display
Just a few geometric shapes and a couple of graceful wings turn into a fun little angel.

Choose the colors that you prefer for your decoration. Maybe add sparkles and ribbon or draw a face to make this little angel your own.

Have fun!

The Paper Shapes Angel is a fun and easy project using simple materials and tools to become a holiday decoration, whether on a tree or a gift.
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