Easy Christmas Crafts: Stuffed Bow Decoration

A scrap of pretty fabric, easy sewing steps and a little poly fiberfill become a versatile stuffed bow that can be an ornament, a door knob decoration, an addition to a gift or whatever the imagination chooses.

The first example was made using a blue woven cotton and polyester blend fabric:
Stuffed Bow Decoration blue finished on display
The next example is a purple version made with a shiny woven synthetic fabric:
Stuffed Bow Decoration purple finished on display
The Stuffed Bow Decoration is not just for the winter holidays. It can be a fun decoration any time of the year.

The bow could be made with seasonal colors and used at place settings for a dinner party. Or, several bows could be scattered about a party buffet.

Or, perhaps add the bow to chairs or to cabinets pulls.

Easy Christmas Crafts: Stuffed Bow Decoration Materials and Tools:

Fabric scrap  
Thread, matching or a neutral color 
Poly fiberfill (can also use cotton balls) 
Sewing machine (optional, can also make this by hand using simple running stitches) 
Ribbon, 1/4-inch wide (not shown, optional for hanging as ornament) 
Stuffed Bow Decoration pattern (click to open PDF file)
Take a look at the simple materials and tools shown here. 
Stuffed Bow Decoration materials and tools

The Steps for How to Make the Easy Christmas Crafts: Stuffed Bow Decoration:

Print the Stuffed Bow Decoration pattern.

Cut out the pattern pieces for the bow and the ribbon.

Cut two of the bow shape.

Cut one of the ribbon shape with the straight end placed on the folded edge of the fabric.
Stuffed Bow Decoration step 1 cut shapes
For the bow, place the right sides together and sew around the shape leaving a small opening to turn the shape.

Use 1/4-inch seams on the bow and the ribbon.

For the ribbon, fold the shape in half lengthwise with the right sides together. Sew the edges leaving a small opening in the middle to turn the shape.
Stuffed Bow Decoration step 2 pin and sew
Cut off any extra threads.
Stuffed Bow Decoration step 3 trim threads
Clip curves and trim corners to help the seam lie flat when the shape is turned right side out.
Stuffed Bow Decoration step 4 clip curves
Turn the shapes right side out.

Carefully use the points on the scissors to push out the corners of the ribbon ends. 
Stuffed Bow Decoration step 5 turn right side out
Smooth the seams and press with an iron set on proper temperature for your fabric.
Stuffed Bow Decoration step 6 press shapes
Take small amounts of the poly fiberfill and gently stuff the ends of the bow.

Do not stuff the middle shown under the scissors.
Stuffed Bow Decoration step 7 stuff bow ends
Next, gently push a small amount of poly fiberfill into the ends of the ribbon.

Only stuff the ends from the point up roughly four inches toward the middle.

The middle of the ribbon remains unstuffed to be able to tie it around the unstuffed portion of the bow.
Stuffed Bow Decoration step 8 stuff ribbon ends
Wrap the ribbon around the middle of the bow and tie in a half knot.

Since the opening in the bow would be covered by the ribbon, I did not stitch it closed.

The same for the ribbon since the opening would be in the half knot.

At this point, the Stuffed Bow Decoration is finished and can be used wherever the imagination desires.
Stuffed Bow Decoration step 9 tie bow
However, if you want to hang the little bow on a Christmas tree, a door knob or other place, a ribbon loop can be added.

Cut a narrow ribbon 12 to 14 inches long.

Thread the narrow ribbon between the bow and ribbon on the Stuffed Bow Decoration.

Pull the ends even and tie a knot.

Trim the ends of the narrow ribbon at an angle if desired.
Stuffed Bow Decoration step 10 add ribbon loop
Now, the Stuffed Bow Decoration can be hung on display.
Stuffed Bow Decoration step 11 hang to display
This little bow can be a great way to use those scraps of fabric that are too big to throw away but too small for most projects.

Have fun!

The Stuffed Bow Decoration can be made in many fun and interesting colors for variety or make several in the same color to continue a color theme.
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