Easy Christmas Crafts: Pyramid Ball Ornament

The Pyramid Ball Ornament uses paper, yarn, scissors and glue along with the funEZcrafts pattern to become an inexpensive and unbreakable ornament during the holidays.
Pyramid Ball Ornament three finished on display
Let's make the orange one.

Easy Christmas Crafts: Pyramid Ball Ornament Materials and Tools:

Colored printer paper (20 to 24-pound) 
Pattern - Pyramid Ball Ornament (click to open Adobe PDF) 
Take a look at the simple materials and tools.
Pyramid Ball Ornament materials and tools

The Steps for How to Make the Easy Christmas Crafts: Open Sphere 3-D Ornament:

Print two copies of the Pyramid Ball Ornament pattern.

Cut out eight shapes.

You can make the balls with more of the shapes if you want bigger ornaments.
Pyramid Ball Ornament step 1 cut out shapes
Cut along the solid gray line on the diagonal for each of the shapes.

Stop the cut at the halfway point where the line becomes dotted.
Pyramid Ball Ornament step 2 cut diagonal halfway
Fold along each of the eight shapes along the dotted lines.
Pyramid Ball Ornament step 3 fold on dotted lines
Reverse the folds of the pyramid to hide the gray lines inside.
Pyramid Ball Ornament step 4 reverse fold to form peak
Overlap and glue the triangles to secure the pyramid shape.
Pyramid Ball Ornament step 6 glue triangles
Continue folding and gluing the remaining shapes to make eight pyramids.
Pyramid Ball Ornament step 6 make 8 shapes
Place glue on one of the three arcs around one of the pyramid shapes.

Position an arc of a second pyramid over the glue matching the edges.
Pyramid Ball Ornament step 7 glue two arcs
Working in pairs, continue gluing one arc of one pyramid to one arc of another pyramid until the eight shapes become four shapes.
Pyramid Ball Ornament step 8 make 4 shapes
Place glue on two arcs of one of the two-pyramids shapes.

Match two arcs from a second two-pyramid shape over the glue.

Do this for the second pair of two-pyramid shapes.

The result is two shapes each with four pyramids.
Pyramid Ball Ornament step 9 make two shapes
Cut a piece of yarn 8 to 10 inches long.
Pyramid Ball Ornament step 10 cut yarn
Fold the yarn in half.

Place glue on the two cut ends of yarn and position the ends inside one of the pyramids.
Pyramid Ball Ornament step 11 glue yarn
Place glue on the four arcs of one of the four-pyramid shapes.

Position the second four-pyramid shape's arcs over the glue on the first shape's arcs.

Match the edges before the glue begins to set.

Make sure the yarn loop is outside of the pyramid ball ornament.
Pyramid Ball Ornament step 12 glue shape
The Pyramid Ball Ornament is finished and ready to display.
Pyramid Ball Ornament step 13 hang to display
This ornament is light weight and unbreakable for those with curious fingers or paws in their home.

Make one or many and have fun!

The Pyramid Ball Ornament is a fun project for the younger or the older folks and can also be a teaching aid for children learning about shapes.
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