Easy Christmas Crafts: Paper Wreath Ornament

This Easy Christmas Crafts Paper Wreath Ornament uses paper, a button and some yarn to become a simple and pretty little ornament.

The tools are simple, too: a ruler, scissors and a hole punch.

Take a look at this fun and easy Paper Wreath Ornament.
Paper Wreath Ornament of red and green paper hanging on display
The paper wreath ornament is simple, but the finished products can be very different based on the paper, button and yarn.

Easy Christmas Crafts: Paper Wreath Ornament Materials and Tools:

Paper - 8 pieces 8 1/2 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide, four of one color and four of a matching or contrasting color  
Yarn - three pieces: 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches  
Button with a shank 
Hole punch   
Toothpick (optional, helps push the yarn through small spaces)
Take a look at the simple materials and tools shown here. 
Paper Wreath Ornament materials and tools

The Steps for How to Make the Easy Christmas Crafts: Paper Wreath Ornament:

Measure and cut the strips of paper.

This paper is red and green 20-pound copy paper.

Card stock is too thick, and the fibers in construction paper do not form the folds easily.

Gift wrap paper would be pretty. And, scroll down to view a scrapbook paper version.

Cut four strips of each color 1 1/2 inches wide by 8 1/2 inches long.
Paper Wreath Ornament step 1 cut paper strips
Make alternating folds at 1/2 inch increments to form an accordion pleat.
Paper Wreath Ornament step 2 fold paper strips
Punch holes along the length of each folded paper strip 1/8 inch from one edge and in the middle of each fold.
Paper Wreath Ornament step 3 punch holes
Hold the folded paper together and thread the 8-inch length of yarn through the holes.

Alternate the two colors as you add each paper section to the yarn.
Paper Wreath Ornament step 4 thread yarn through holes
Pull the yarn and tie the ends close to the center of the combined paper sections.

Do not pull the yarn too tightly.

The paper sections need to be able to open next to each other using the yarn as a pivot point.

Do not cut the ends of the yarn.
Paper Wreath Ornament step 5 securely tie yarn
Thread the 6-inch piece of yarn through the shank of the button.

Use a toothpick to help push the yarn through the shank.
Paper Wreath Ornament step 6 thread yarn through button
Push the ends of yarn through the center of the paper circle.

Tie the ends of the yarn from the button to the ends of the yarn of the paper circle.

Do not pull the knot so tightly that it distorts the round shape.

Hide the ends of the yarn among the folds on the back of the shape.
Paper Wreath Ornament step 7 apply button to center
Find the two sections of paper where the yarn knot connects the shape.

Punch holes in the adjacent folds near the outer edge.

Thread the 10-inch piece of yarn through the holes.

Tie a knot in the ends to form the hanging loop.
Paper Wreath Ornament step 8 add yarn loop
Hang the pretty little Paper Wreath Ornament to add simple fun to your decorations.
Paper Wreath Ornament step 9 hang to display
For a different version, this used scrapbook paper in colorful red and green prints.

The scrapbook paper was 12x12 inches.

Instead of 4 strips of each color, I used three paper strips of 12 inches by 1 1/2 inches.

Also, the scrapbook paper was not double sided. As such, I made sure the ends of each section folded backward to hide the white back of the paper.

A bright button and red yarn finished this paper wreath ornament. 
Paper Wreath Ornament using red and green scrapbook paper hanging for display
People of all ages can enjoy this easy Christmas crafts project for a paper wreath ornament.

With a slight variation in the yarn lengths, this project would make a pretty holiday napkin ring as well.

Have fun!

A few inexpensive materials and tools makes this Easy Christmas Crafts Paper Wreath Ornament simple, fun, fast and inexpensive for anyone to do.
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