Easy Christmas Crafts: Heart Santa Ornament

Mix fun, construction paper, poster board and cotton balls to make this Easy Christmas Crafts Heart Santa Ornament.

This Easy Christmas Crafts project can be made quickly and inexpensively using construction paper, poster board, cotton balls and yarn along with simple tools.

The finished Santa with his cotton ball beard is fun and playful.

Let's look at this whimsical Santa.
Heart Santa Ornament displayed on a blue background
Children, and adults too, will have fun making this simple and easy Santa.

He can decorate a tree or add fun anywhere he's on display.

Easy Christmas Crafts: Heart Santa Ornament Materials and Tools:

Heart Santa Ornament pattern (click to open PDF) 
Construction Paper - red and pink 
Yarn 10 inches  
Cotton balls - two or three 
Blue and red pencils, pens or crayons  
If you want to be more elaborate, use a wooden heart shape, synthetic hair and red felt.

For this version, take a look at the simple materials and tools shown here. 
Heart Santa Ornament materials and tools

The Steps for How to Make the Easy Christmas Crafts: Heart Santa Ornament:

Print the Heart Santa Ornament pattern.

Select and cut out the size heart you prefer.

I used the 2.75 x 3-inch heart for this Santa.

Cut one heart from the poster board and one from the pink construction paper.

Cut a red triangle for Santa's hat.
Heart Santa Ornament step 1 cut shapes
Glue the construction paper heart to the poster board heart to add stability to the ornament.
Heart Santa Ornament step 2 glue hearts together
Glue the red triangle over the construction paper at the pointed end of the heart.

Trim the edges if necessary.
Heart Santa Ornament step 3 glue red triangle to heart
Separate the cotton balls into strips of cotton fluff.
Heart Santa Ornament step 4 separate cotton
Glue a small strip of the cotton to the edge of the red triangle to form the edge of Santa's hat.
Heart Santa Ornament step glue hat edge
Use red and blue pencils, pens or crayons to add eyes, mouth and rosy cheeks to Santa's face.
Heart Santa Ornament step 6 add face
Glue pieces of cotton to each side of the heart to form Santa's beard.
Heart Santa Ornament step 7 glue beard
Glue the yarn to the point of the heart shape on the poster board back to make the hanging loop.
Heart Santa Ornament step 8 glue yarn loop
Moisten fingers to form the ends of Santa's beard.
Heart Santa Ornament step 9 form edges of beard
Add a small piece of cotton at the top of Santa's hat to form the white ball.
Heart Santa Ornament step 10 add ball to top of hat
Hang the fun and whimsical heart Santa ornament to add smiles to the faces of young and old alike.
Heart Santa Ornament step 11 finished and hanging on display
Simple materials and simple tools makes this a fun and easy project for people of all ages.

Have fun!

The inexpensive and Easy Christmas Crafts Heart Santa Ornament provides inexpensive holiday fun for children and families.
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