Easy Christmas Crafts: Circle Wreath Ornament

With the variety of paper designs, the Circle Wreath Ornament is a fast, fun and easy project to make decorations to match any color scheme.

Here's a fun one in blue - more purple than blue - and bright pink colors.
Circle Wreath Ornament blue and pink on display

Easy Christmas Crafts: Circle Wreath Ornament Materials and Tools:

Paper - I used medium weight card stock. You can use regular paper (e.g., 24-pound Astro bright) with the background circle out of cardstock or poster board for stability 
Hole punch - small 1/4 inch 
Hole punch - 1-inch (optional, can use the circles on the pattern) 
Pattern - Circle Wreath Ornament pattern (click to open Adobe PDF) 
Take a look at the simple materials and tools. (I'm using scraps from other projects.)
Circle Wreath Ornament materials and tools

The Steps for How to Make the Easy Christmas Crafts: Circle Wreath Ornament:

Print the Circle Wreath Ornament pattern.

You can print the pattern on colorful paper and cut out the circles.

You can also have children color the circles in whatever colors they want.

Trace and cut around the doughnut shape on medium weight cardstock or poster board.

Cut 1-inch circles from the decorative paper, either six or eight circles of each color.

This example used eight red and eight green circles.

Cut three small hole-punch circles from the lighter of the two colors.
Circle Wreath Ornament step 1 cut circle shapes
On the doughnut shape, glue the first lighter-colored circle in the 12 o'clock position.

Add glue to only one side of the 1-inch circle. The last circle needs to slide under the edge of the first circle.
Circle Wreath Ornament step 2 begin gluing first circle
Alternate colors and continue adding the circles to the doughnut shape.

One-fourth of the circles need to overlap and fit into the 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock positions on the doughnut shape.
Circle Wreath Ornament step 3 add circles alternating colors
Finish adding and gluing the circles to the doughnut.

One side of the last circle slides under the left side of the first 12 o'clock position circle.
Circle Wreath Ornament step 4 finish circles
Glue the lighter-colored three small circles to the darker-colored circle in the 4 o'clock position.
Circle Wreath Ornament step 5 add small circles
Cut a 12-inch length of yarn.
Circle Wreath Ornament step 6 cut yarn
Insert the yarn through the middle of the Circle Wreath Ornament.

Pull the ends even and tie a knot to form the hanging loop.
Circle Wreath Ornament step 7 make yarn loop
The Circle Wreath Ornament is finished and ready to display.
Circle Wreath Ornament step 8 finished on display
Here's another example.

This one used only 12 small circles in blue and a white-on-white print (scraps from the Folded Square Paper Angel).

I can't decide which I prefer - the 12-circle or 16-circle version.

The 16-circle is easier to position the circles, but the 12-circle shows more of the individual colors.
Circle Wreath Ornament blue and white on display
This ornament is simple, yet the options are many with the variety of papers available.

Add creativity with different colors or even all the same color. Use sequins or beads as decorations. Use ribbon instead of yarn.  The choices are many!

Have fun!

The Circle Wreath Ornament is a fun project for the young and the young at heart and can be a great coloring project to involve young children in the holiday decorations.
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