Easy Christmas Crafts: Church Window Ornament

The pretty church window ornament uses paper, glue, yarn and coloring pencils or crayons to become a simple decoration for the holidays.

Put the little ornament in front of a light to really let its colors shine.
Church Window Ornament yellow finished and hanging on tree

Easy Christmas Crafts: Church Window Ornament Materials and Tools:

Decorative card stock, (20 pound paper works, too, just not as sturdy) 
Tracing paper (alternatively, use parchment or wax - see the Faux Stained Glass for comparison and how-to) 
Yarn or thread 
Coloring pencils or crayons 
Church Window Ornament pattern
Church Window Ornament materials and tools

The Steps for How to Make the Easy Christmas Crafts: Church Window Ornament:

Print the Church Window Ornament pattern and cut out the window shape.
Church Window Ornament step 1 cut out pattern
Place the window shape on the decorative paper.

Draw around the outer and inner sides of the shape.

Here, I used the paper's corner for two edges and drew around all the other sides.
Church Window Ornament step 2 draw around pattern
Cut two of the window shapes from the decorative paper.
Church Window Ornament step 3 cut two window shapes
Cut a piece of tracing paper slightly larger than the arched window shape. (Visit the Faux Stained Glass page for how to use wax or parchment paper.)

Use small pieces of tape to hold the tracing paper over the lined window shape on the pattern.
Church Window Ornament step 4 tape tracing paper over pattern
With coloring pencils or crayons, color the tracing paper using the lines on the pattern as a guide.

I used blues, greens, yellows, reds and gold for the colors.
Church Window Ornament step 5 color window
Finish coloring all of the blocks inside the arched window shape.

I chose to keep the colors symmetrical, but it would also be pretty with random colors.
Church Window Ornament step 6 finish coloring window
Remove the tape from the tracing paper and pattern.

Trim around the window shape leaving roughly 1/4-inch around the shape.
Church Window Ornament step 7 trim around window
Cut a piece of yarn 8-10 inches long. (Can also use thread.)
Church Window Ornament step 8 cut yarn
Position the window "glass" over one of the window shapes.

Make sure all of the visible area is colored.

Add glue to hold the window "glass" inside the window shape.

If there are pencil marks on the window shape, use that side for the glue.
Church Window Ornament step 9 glue window inside of shape
Fold the yarn in half.

Position the ends of the yarn over the cross and add glue to hold the yarn.
Church Window Ornament step 10 glue yarn ends
Add more glue around the window shape and position the second window over the first to sandwich the window "glass."

Match edges before the glue dries.

If the second window shape has any pencil marks, place that side toward the glue.
Church Window Ornament step 11 glue second shape
Allow the glue to dry and hang the pretty little Church Window Ornament to display its colors.
Church Window Ornament step 12 finished hang to display
Simple paper turns into a pretty and colorful decoration for a tree, a window or wherever it can brighten an area.

Have fun!

This is a great project for a Sunday school class, church group or a family gathering.

Easy and inexpensive, you can make a few, several or many of the Church Window Ornament decorations in not a lot of time.
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