Easy Christmas Crafts: 3D Paper Snowflake

With the just a few steps simple paper becomes a fun little 3D Paper Snowflake; place them on a table or hang them to display - enjoy!
3D Paper Snowflake two on a table

Easy Christmas Crafts: 3D Paper Snowflake Materials and Tools:

Paper - heavy enough to maintain the shape (I used 48-pound matte presentation paper) 
Pencil (optional) 
Yarn (optional) 
Pattern - 3D Paper Snowflake pattern (click to open Adobe PDF) 
Take a look at the simple materials and tools.
3D Paper Snowflake materials and tools
Print the 3D Paper Snowflake pattern.

I printed directly to the 48-pound matte presentation paper.

Alternatively, cut around one of the shapes and trace two of the shapes on cardstock.

Cut around the two shapes just inside the printed or drawn line.
3D Paper Snowflake step 1 cut shapes
Cut along the dotted line to the center of the shape.

I cut along both sides of the dotted line to allow for the thickness of the paper.
3D Paper Snowflake step 2 cut on dotted line
Slide the two shapes together along the cut slits.

The 3D Paper Snowflake is finished for a table decoration.
3D Paper Snowflake step 3 join the two shapes
A simple yarn loop attached around two points allows the 3D Paper Snowflake to hang on display.

Attaching it around the points allows the decoration to easily go from a hanging display back to a table display without the yarn.

But, if you plan a snowscape with several hanging - maybe from a ceiling - make the loop more stable.

Punch a small hole and push the yarn through the hole before knotting the ends to form the loop.
3D Paper Snowflake hanging on display
Simple paper turns into a three dimensional ornament that can be used as a table decoration or hang from a tree.

This one is made of paper, but what about craft foam or stiffened felt?

Both of those would be pretty - just cut the slits wide enough to slide the two shapes together.

Or, add the shapes - without the slits - to decorate a package.

Or, include the decoration in a greeting card since it easily folds flat.

Have fun!

The 3D Paper Snowflake is a fun and inexpensive project to add one or many of the decorations during the holidays or the winter months.
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The Steps for How to Make the Easy Christmas Crafts: 3D Paper Snowflake:

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