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Fun and Easy Low-cost Craft Projects

Hello and welcome to fun easy crafts!

The projects provide you with fun easy crafts and simple but practical ideas that use thrifty tools and materials such as paper, felt and generally available tools.

All of the funEZ craft projects are fun to make, and many can be fun gifts as well.

They also become fun and inexpensive group activities.

For example, many of the projects make great kids' rainy day projects, office team building exercises or senior centers' afternoons of companionship.

The materials are inexpensive, and the tools are generally easily available.

Fun Easy Crafts for Fun and Profit

Fun Easy Crafts for Gifts

Fun Easy Crafts for Children or Seniors

Fun Easy Crafts for Office Team Building

Fun Easy Crafts for the Frugal

Do you think about returning to a simpler time where gifts were handmade from the heart rather than expensively bought?

In simpler times the whole family contributed to the gift process - from gathering the materials and making the crafts to jointly giving the handmade gifts.

Plus, when you involve everyone, your family becomes closer and everyone enjoys a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.
Come on in and stay awhile...
Spend some time browsing. You will find paper craft ideas, craft felt projects and frugal plans to use or reuse materials in an economical way. (Have you ever used a light bulb to mend a sock?)

Enjoy your stay at fun easy crafts and visit again often!
Are you in an office and need a team building exercise to improve your team's ability to work together?

Sometimes a different environment brings people together as a team, for example, working on projects markedly different from your daily tasks.

Your team can select and work on several of the projects for team building and some healthy rivalry.

Do you home school children and need inexpensive project ideas?

Take a look at the fun easy craft ideas using inexpensive materials and tools.
Children can learn how to collect the materials, develop their project plan, work through the project and finish with a fun result.

Or, do you work with senior adults at community centers, assisted living centers or nursing homes? Do you need inexpensive activities they can do for an afternoon's fun? They can work on the projects individually or as team efforts.
Are you financially challenged this year? Are you wondering how you will provide gifts to all of those people on your list?

Do you think about how the value of gifts has become determined by how much they cost not by the thought behind them?
These fun easy crafts also furnish product ideas for church bazaars with double the benefit - fun to make and profitable to sell.

Or, if you enjoy crafting for craft shows, many ideas - especially the Christmas ornaments - make great products using inexpensive materials allowing for larger profit margins.
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