Easy Christmas Crafts - easy peasy Christmas projects

These easy peasy Christmas projects use a variety of inexpensive materials and tools.

All of the projects are fun and easy to do.

Click on an image below to open the page with the detailed instructions and the how to make pictures.
Yarn Elf Ornament
Felt Fringe Wreath Ornament
Drinking Straw Mosaic Ornament
Fringed Yarn Ornament
Rickrack Wreath Ornament
Chenille Wire Reindeer
Sled Ornament
Felt & Bead Elf
Chenille Wire & Straw Star
Ribbon & Bell Tassel Ornament
Spiral Wire Wreath Ornament
Drinking Straw Star
Crocheted Doily Wrapped Ornament
Geometric Icicle Ornament
Wired Ribbon Icicle Ornament
Craft Foam 3D Star
Snowball Wreath Ornament
Bead & Sequin Wreath Ornament
Easy Felt Santa Claus
5-Point Star Santa Ornament
Diamond Santa Claus
Three Stars Chenille Ornament
Curly Ribbon Ornament
Ribbon Flower Ornament
Calico Semi Circles Christmas Tree
Yarn & Felt Scallop Ornament
No Sew Felt Bell Ornament
Yarn & Chenille Wire Heart Ornament
Button Snowman Ornament
Button & Yarn Snowman
Braided Candy Cane Ornament
Braided Ribbon Wreath Ornament
Felt & Twig Snowman
Five Point Wooden Star
Ribbon Circles Ornament
Spiral Beaded Christmas Ornament
Beaded Christmas Wreath Ornament
Felt Basket Ornament
Jingle Bell Wreath Ornament
Bell Ornament
Tiny Dancer Ornament
Come on in and stay awhile...
Come on in and stay awhile...
Christmas Project Image Menus:
Christmas Project Image Menus:
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