Easy Christmas Crafts - easy paper Christmas projects

These easy paper Christmas projects use inexpensive paper and tools to make a variety of different projects.

All of the projects are fun and easy to do.

Click on an image below to check out the detailed pictures and instructions for how to make the projects.

funEZ Bazaar
Come on in and stay awhile...
Come on in and stay awhile...
Paper Circles Ornament
Pleated 8-Point Star
Paper Circles Candy Cane
Construction Paper Fan Ornament
Circle Wreath Ornament
Star Box Ornament
Five Point Star
Pyramid Folded Star
Paper Sphere Ornament
Eight Squares Wreath Ornament
Paper Light Bulb Star
Paper Circles Triangle Doily Ornament
Pyramid Ball Ornament
3D Paper Snowflake
Open Sphere 3D Ornament
Round Paper Circles Ornament
Paper Chrysanthemum Ornament
Five Point Paper Cone Star
Paper Wreath Ornament
Catstep Braid & Bead Ornament
Pyramid Box Ornament
Folded Paper Squares Star
Paper Circles Teddy Bear
Church Window Ornament
Paper Quilt Patch Ornament
Folded Paper Spiral Bow
Joyful Star Ornament
Paper Doily Snowflake Ornament
Heart Santa Ornament
Construction Paper Nutcracker Doll
Paper Doily Cone Ornament
Paper Doily Flower Ornament
Paper Pinwheel Wreath Ornament
Paper Basket Cone Ornament
Paper Doily Greeting Card Ornament
Paper Nutcracker Soldier
Christmas Project Image Menus:
Christmas Project Image Menus: